Customer Service Department

The key to customer satisfaction starts with our award winning customer services team. Our team is led by Renee Waldherr who has over 25 years of experience in customer satisfaction.

Here at CIH Equipment, we firmly believe that customer service is the attention given to our clients before, during and after doing business with us. Our customer service provides an experience meant to exceed your expectations. CIH doesn't settle for "good" customer service when only exceptional service will do. See our Customer Testimonials page for additional information.


Our customer service team is here for you, whether it’s by phone, email or live chat. Never will you be trapped in an automated system maze; your questions and/or requests are answered will be answered quickly, and we will find the answers you’re looking for.

Our customer satisfaction results were 97% 5 star rating in 2015, but our aim is to reach 99% in 2016. Our commitment to customer satisfaction is highlighted continuously by the feedback we receive from our clients.